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Winning Posters

Alphabetical Order by the author’s name who will be present at the poster

Winners/ Honorable Mentions Authors Name Presenter Name in bold Title and Abstracts Poster PDFs
Winner Innovation in Education Jonathan D. Black MD MPH, Abigail Cutler MD, Sangini Sheth MD MPH, Shefali Pathy MD MPH Preventing Internal Combustion: Healing the Healers Following Critical Incidents in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Winner Innovation in Education Edi Kapetonovic BS, Amy Fenoglio MD, Mark Michalski MD, Cordelia W. Carter MD The Use of 3-Dimensional Printing in Orthopaedic Resident Education: Adolescent Transitional Ankle Fractures Carter's Poster
Winner Research Alexandria Garino MS PA-C Listening to the Teacher Within: Measuring Insight in First Year Physician Assistant Students
Honorable Mention Innovation Beth Grunschel MD ScM, William Becker MD Merging Clerkships - Successful Interprofessional Medical Education on a Non-Pharmacological Intervention for Chronic Pain Grunschel's Poster
Winner Research Megan S. Lemay MD, Lisa Sanders MD, John Encandela PhD, Anna Reisman MD Increased Empathy as a Long-Term Effect of a Residency Writers’ Workshop
Honorable Mention Innovation Caitlin Loomis MD, Daniel DiCapua MD, Dana Dunne MD, Janet Hafler EdD Developing a case-based curriculum for the Integrated Neurology and Medicine Loomis' Poster
Winner Research Mahan Mathur MD, Peter J. Ellis MD MPH, Rob Goodman MD Developing a Pilot Radiology Curriculum catered to the Yale University School of Medicine Primary Care Clerkship (PCC) Mathur's Poster