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Poster Abstracts

Alphabetical Order by the author’s name who will be present at the poster

Authors Names Title and Abstracts Poster PDFs
Tracie Addy PhD, France Galerneau MD, Janet Hafler EdD Faculty Development for Fostering Clinical Reasoning Skills in Early Medical Students Addy's Poster
Meenakshi Alreja PhD, George Heninger MD, Kirstin Wilkins MD, Michael Schwartz MD, Janet Hafler EdD A Team Based Learning Approach for Instructing Medical Clerkship Students on how Neuroscience is Transforming the Treatment of Depression and Suicidal Ideation Alreja's Poster
Shawnette Alston MD Lessons Learned in the Process of Developing & Implementing an Interprofessional Clinical Pilot Program Alston's Poster
Jonathan D. Black MD, MPH, Abigail Cutler, MD, Sangini Sheth, MD MPH, Shefali Pathy, MD MPH Preventing Internal Combustion: Healing the Healers Following Critical Incidents in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Jenna Butner MD, Shara Martel MPH, Michael Pantalon PhD, Jeanette Tetrault MD, Gail D’Onofrio MD An Innovative Approach to teaching SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment) to Medical Students: Using Flipped Classroom and Online Teaching Modules
Lauren Carlos MD, Lubna Pal MBS MRCOG MSc Sangini Sheth MD MPH Are we Adequately Fueling Research in an Academic Ob/ Gyn Residency Program?
Eve Colson MD MHPE, Catherine Kennedy MPH, David Brissette PA-C, John Encandela PhD Piloting and Interprofessional Longitudinal Clinical Experience for 1st-Year Students
Edi Kapetonovic BS, Amy Fenoglio MD, Mark Michalski MD, Cordelia W. Carter MD The Use of 3-Dimensional Printing in Orthopaedic Resident Education: Adolescent Transitional Ankle Fractures Carter's Poster
Vrunda Bhavsar Desai MD, Janice Crabtree MS, Jessica Illuzzi MD The Obstetrics and Gynecology Portfolio Note: An Integrated Learning Experience
Vrunda Bhavsar Desai MD, Shefali Pathy MD MPH A Mulitstation Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship Objective Structured Clinical Examination Desai's Poster
Isha Di Bartolo, Michael R. O’Brien, MD The Impact of Teaching Experiences in Medical School on Levels of Confidence and Interest in Teaching in Residency: Results of a Preliminary Study DiBartolo's Poster
Matthew S. Ellman MD, Auguste H. Auguste Fortin VI MD, Andrew Putnam MD, Margaret Bia MD Implementation and Evaluation of a Four-Year Integrated Palliative and End-of-Life Care Curriculum for Medical Students
Shervin Etemad, Ayesha Khalid MD Hacking healthcare: stakeholder engagement as a tool for accelerating innovation and developing systems-based practice
Alexandria Garino MS PA-C Listening to the Teacher Within: Measuring Insight in First Year Physician Assistant Students
Beth Grunschel MD ScM, William Becker MD Merging Clerkships - Successful Interprofessional Medical Education on a Non-Pharmacological Intervention for Chronic Pain Grunschel's Poster
Raquel Harrison MD Sub-Internship Curriculum Development - Emergency Medicine Harrison's Poster
Stephen Holt MD MS, Nora Segar MD, Sarita Soares MD The Addiction Recovery Clinic: A novel primary care-based approach to teaching Addiction Medicine Holt's Poster
Michael Hurwitz MD Ph D A curriculum for aiding hematology/oncology fellows to succeed in research Hurwitz's Poster
Oladoyin Oladeru MPH, Musleehat Hamadu MPH, Paul D. Cleary PhD, Auguste H. Fortin MD MPH, Janet P. Hafler EdD, Michael C. Bennick MD, David Y. Hwang MD Training Housestaff to Open Interviews with Patient-Centered Strategies: Housestaff Perception and Effects on Patient Experience Hwang's Poster
Megan S. Lemay MD, Lisa Sanders MD, John Encandela PhD, Anna Reisman MD Increased Empathy as a Long-Term Effect of a Residency Writers’ Workshop
Caitlin Loomis MD, Daniel DiCapua MD, Dana Dunne MD, Janet Hafler EdD Developing a case-based curriculum for the Integrated Neurology and Medicine Loomis's Poster
Michelle S. Horner DO, Mary K. Billingsley ELS, Andreas Martin MD MPH Editorial mentorship facilitates early authorship through a scholarly journal’s online companion: JAACAP Connect Martin's Poster
Veronica Matei MD, Jessica Ray PhD, Viji Kurup MD A pilot study for introduction of cognitive aids during in-situ simulation of anesthesia crises Matei's Poster
Mahan Mathur MD, Peter J. Ellis MD MPH, Rob Goodman MD Developing a Pilot Radiology Curriculum catered to the Yale University School of Medicine Primary Care Clerkship (PCC) Mathur's Poster
Cindy Miller MD Teaching Communication: A Core Competency in Radiology Miller's Poster
Tiffany Moadel MD Pathway to Entrustability Through Simulation Moadel's Poster
Jeremy J. Moeller MD, Pue Faroque, Gary Leydon, Michael Schwartz PhD A "flipped" approach to electroencephalography (EEG) education in neurology residency Moeller's Poster
Laura J. Morrison MD, Shyoko Honiden MSc MD, Kathleen M. Akgun MD MS Evaluating a Communication Skills Workshop Series for Yale Multispecialty Clinical Fellows
Srinivas Muvvala MD MPH, Carla Marienfeld MD, Ismene Petrakis MD, Ellen Edens MD MPE Educating the Educator in Addiction Psychiatry: An Innovative method to develop future clinician educators using a classic case conference approach Muvvala's Poster
Magdalena Plasilova MD PhD, Anees Chagpar, MD MSc MA MPH MBA Trends in breast surgery fellowship training
Maya Prabhu MSc, MD, LLB Disruptive Patients: A Model for Understanding and De-Escalation for Residents Prabhu's Poster
Chung Sang Tse MD Candidate, Matthew S. Ellman MD Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an End-of-Life Care Online Module for Preclinical Students
Nicholas Theodosakis, MD/PhD Candidate, John Encandela, PhD, Kathleen White, MD Improving Longitudinal Primary Care Education for MD/PhD Students
Jennifer Traxler DO, Tobias Wasser MD The Mental Health Disability Evaluation
Amy Stevens MD, Tobias Wasser MD, Beth Grunschel MD MSc, Louis Trevisan MD MEd Using Root Cause Analysis to Improve Clinical Care and Training - The Mental Health System Improvement Series
Thilan Wijesekera MD, Robert Fogerty MD MPH Getting to the Root of It: A Study of Resident Teachers for Quality Improvement Curriculum
Paula Zimbrean MD, Paul Desan MD PhD A Model For Integrating Outpatient Consultation Into Psychosomatic Medicine Teaching: Transplant Psychiatry Curriculum Zimbrean's Poster

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