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TLC Leadership

  • Director

    Thank you for your interest in Yale School of Medicine Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). The Center was established in 2012 to promote and support excellence in medical education. We recognize that our teaching faculty are the critical foundation of medical education at Yale. Our mission is to enhance the work of our faculty in their teaching, curriculum development, assessment, scholarship and medical education research. The Teaching and Learning Center has expertise in numerous areas of medical education including: research, scholarship, educator development, assessment (student, faculty and curriculum) and learning technology. You are welcome to attend our events, conferences and educator development programs, many of which are described on our website. We are available to help you in many ways including developing a new program, enhancing your teaching skills or assessment skills, designing a medical education research project and developing your scholarship or mentoring, to name a few. Private meetings are available to provide feedback and consultation to explore how to meet your educational and learning goals. We want to be as helpful to you as possible. Please let us know about your work in medical education and how we can be of service to you. We look forward to working with you.
  • Associate Director for Curriculum and Educator Assessment

    As Associate Director for Curriculum and Educator Assessment, I work closely with medical education leadership and committees in designing and implementing a plan to assess and evaluate the medical school curriculum and quality of teaching. I am a resource for departments and faculty in:Identifying, tailoring and implementing the best, most appropriate methods and instruments for curriculum and educator assessment.Training faculty in the application of these methods and instruments.Analyzing and synthesizing assessment and evaluation information for stakeholders of medical education.Liaising with outside experts and resources around curriculum and educator assessment and providing the Yale medical community with state-of-the-art information.I will enjoy the opportunity to talk with you. Please feel free to email or call me.
  • Associate Director for Student Assessment

    I oversee assessment of students’ clinical competence throughout the medical school curriculum. In particular, my role includes:Developing a programmatic assessment system that tracks students’ development within a competency framework, provides meaningful information for learning and improvement and certifies students’ readiness for graduation and residency training.Ensuring that students receive timely, longitudinal and meaningful formative feedback and support in guided self-assessment and reflection.Supporting curriculum leaders in their development, implementation and evaluation of  assessment strategies and interpretation of assessment data. Interpreting examination item analyses and revising or rejecting poorly performing questions. Collecting, analyzing and interpreting medical school-wide assessment data to guide curriculum evaluation and refinement.Offering faculty development programs in assessment in medical education.Providing individual consultation and mentorship to students, residents and faculty in their medical education scholarship. Chairing the Clinical Skills Assessment Committee, overseeing the pre-clerkship and clerkship OSCEs and remediating poorly performing students.Leading YSM’s participation the American Association of Medical Colleges national Core Entrustable Professional Activity Pilot.Representing Yale School of Medicine on matters of assessment to key local and national stakeholders and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education.If you would like to contact me, I am available by email or phone.
  • Associate Director for Technology Services

    As the Associate Director for Technology Services I look forward to providing consultation to YSM's learning community about a wide range of topics pertaining to digital technology as it applies to medical education.  My areas of expertise include: application development, mobile computing, e-learning systems, augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR), survey design, data analysis and educational videos.I look forward to our discussions, contributing to the enhancement of the curriculum and your development as an educator by applying the latest technology where it is appropriate. Please email or call me anytime.