2006-07 Clinical Lecture Series

Attending staff from the Department of Therapeutic Radiology provide didactic lectures on a variety of clinical topics. A broad range of clinical subjects are reviewed and this series now provides over twenty lectures annually. Additional lectures are also sometimes provided and are not included on this schedule.

Lecture Series 2006-2007
2nd Wed or 2nd Tuesdays
7:30 a.m. WWW 201
Month Physician Topic
July 12, Wednesday Knisely Gliomas, high & low grade
Aug 2, Wednesday Wilson Skin
Aug 8, Tuesday Khan Prostate
Sept. 12, Tuesday Khan Larynx
Oct 10, Tuesday Khan Rectum
Nov 22, Wednesday Higgins Cervix
Dec 13, Wednesday Colasanto Thyroid
Jan 10, Wednesday Roberts Pediatrics
Feb 14, Wednesday Glazer Translational concepts
Mar 14, Wednesday Wilson Lung
April 11, Wednesday Weidhaas Gyn cancers and IMRT
May 9, Wednesday Moran Pelvic & inguinal node treatment
June 13, Wednesday Mani Uterus
July 11, Wednesday Wilson Lymphoma