Facilities & Equipment

The entire Vascular Surgical Service, aside from the academic and ambulatory care facilities, is housed within YNHH, thereby integrating the various services and facilitating the care of patients by the resident staff. The university outpatient facility is located in the Yale Physicians Building and the attending and resident clinics are staffed on the third floor. There is a non-invasive vascular laboratory on site on the third floor with capabilities of Duplex studies, PVRs, and transcutaneous oximetry and staffed by registered vascular technologists. The vascular fellow will get “hands-on” training with intraoperative and outpatient Duplex scanning.

At YNHH, a dedicated OR suite is equipped with modern up-to-date instruments, including angioscopy, duplex ultrasound, and C-arm imaging appropriate for endovascular procedures. There are 25 beds on the surgical floor, 7-5, that is utilized by both the Vascular and Transplant services with overflows to the neighboring General Surgical Units. There are 12 beds in the Surgical ICU for use by the vascular service with overflow to the adjoining Neuro, CT or Medical ICU.