Research Seminars

Seminars in Surgical Research

The seminars are held every other Wednesday 12 noon to 1:00 p.m. in the Brady Auditorium from September through June. Hosted by John Geibel, M.D., D.Sc., Vice Chairman Department of Surgery, Director of Surgical Research, Yale Surgery.

The focus is all aspects of Surgical and Biomedical Research in all disciplines of Surgery.

Each PI will introduce their lab and colleagues, followed by a presentation of current research. PDFs of two related papers should be submitted via e-mail prior to the seminar.

The seminars are mandatory for everyone involved in research in the Department of Surgery, whether it is Clinical or Science based. They are required for eligibility for the Ohse Award funding.

Calendar 2014-2015

DateLab Presenter
Sept. 03, 2014Welcome and Overview
Sept. 17, 2014Jenifer Kennedy Grants and Policy Review
Oct. 1, 2014

Biosafety Overview and Course

Oct. 15, 2014 

Sasaki Laboratory

Oct. 29, 2014 

Sumpio Laboratory

Nov. 12, 2014 
Dardik Laboratory
Dec. 3, 2014 
Tellides Laboratory
Dec. 10, 2014TOWN MEETING
Jan. 14, 2015  
Carling Laboratory
Jan. 28, 2015   
Feb. 11, 2015   
Narayan Laboratory
Feb. 25, 2015    
Stitelman Laboratory
Mar. 11, 2015   
Rizzolo Laboratory
Mar. 25, 2015Yarbrough Laboratory
Apr. 8, 2015   
Boffa Laboratory
Apr. 22, 2015   
Geibel Laboratory
May 13, 2015   
Cowles Laboratory
May 27, 2015Santos-Sacchi Laboratory