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Yale Hand and Microsurgery Program

The Yale Hand and Microsurgery Program has one of the most comprehensive and most respected diagnostic and treatment programs in the nation. Our faculty members specialize in hand and microsurgery, radiology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and neurology to provide patients with complete care and current surgical techniques. 

Our faculty members are internationally recognized for performing innovative procedures in the replantation of amputated digits or extremities, microvascular reconstruction, and free flap surgical techniques. 

We understand that injury, trauma, or degenerative disease that affects the function of the hand, wrist, and the nervous system of the arm also affects the ability to work, participate in activities that patients enjoy, and, in some cases, it affects the ability to perform normal, daily routines. Our goal is to restore the hand and upper extremities to the highest level of function possible. 

We also provide care for the most precious and delicate hands, those of a child. Our multidisciplinary faculty specializes in treating children born with congenital abnormalities that involve the hands, such as syndactyly, to allow for normal development and function. 

Members of our faculty strive to apply the most current surgical and treatment technologies and they are at the forefront of research that creates these advancements. Clinical and translational research at the Yale Hand and Microsurgery Center covers a significant range of areas, including surgical techniques of the hand and wrist, brachial plexus reconstruction, peripheral nerve surgery, and free flap tissue transfers.