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Ajul Shah, MD

ExternaVAC Therapy Improves Perfusion in a Porcine Model

Ajul Shah MD, Cynthia Tsay BS, Brandon Sumpio BS, Matthew Swallow BS, Stephanie Thorn, PHD, Albert Sinusas, MD, Alexander Au MD


Elizabeth Zellner, MD

3D Mandibular Morphology in Pierre Robin Sequence

Elizabeth Zellner MD and Derek Steinbacher DMD MD


Raj Sawh, MD

Outcomes of Back Wound Reconstruction

Rajendra Sawh-Martinez, Alex Lin, Andrew Timberlake, William Chen, Ajul Shah, Derek Steinbacher, Alex Au


Charles Tuggle, MD

Orthognathic surgery in the elderly: A nationwide study of access and outcomes 

Charles Tuggle, MD, Nicholas Berlin, MD, Derek Steinbacher, MD


Sabrina Pavri, MD

The Composite Extended Paramedian Forehead Flap – A Cadaveric Study & Clinical Applications 

Pavri S MD, Sumpio B, Kaldany A, Narayan D MD


Marc Walker, MD

Surgical Drains, Part I: The Art and Science of Post-Operative Fluid Management

Marc E. Walker, MD, MBA, Carolyn Chuang, BA, Sidney Cahn, PhDJ, Grant Thomson, MD


Sarah Persing, MD

Expansion of the lateral Nasal flap in nasal reconstruction 

Sarah Persing MD , Brandon Sumpio, Samuel Kim, Andrew Timberlake, John Persing MD

Roberto Travieso, MD

Facial fat grafting in orthognathic surgery

Roberto Travieso MD, Charuta Gavankar AB, Elizabeth Zellner MD, Derek Steinbacher MD, DMD

Ean Saberski, MD

Evaluation of metrics useful in predicting pressure ulcer development and progression at YNHH

Saberski Ean MD, Lu Amanda, Chuang Carolyn, Hsia Henry MD


Scott Persing, MD

Friend or Foe? Taking a closer look at the course of the cervical branch of the facial nerve

J. Scott Persing, MD, Brandon Sumpio, Samuel Kim , John A Persing, MD


Chadwick Wu, MD 

Which Flaps Provide the Best Web space Deepening?

Chadwick Wu, MD, Robin Wu, J. Grant Thomson, MD


Daniel Sussia, MD 

Oncoplastic breast reduction: The Yale Experience

Daniel Sussia, MD, Alexander Au, MD


Carolyn Chuang

Language Phoneme Discrimination in Infants with Sagittal Craniosynostosis: An ERP Study

Carolyn Chuang BS, Jenny Yang BS, Max Rolison BS, Eric Brooks MD, Peter Hashim MD, Roberto Travieso MD, Jordan Terner MD, Derek M Steinbacher MD DMD, Nicole Landi PhD, Linda Mayes MD, Katherine Stavropoulos PhD, James C McPartland PhD, John A Persing MD


Brandon Sumpio

Genetic Profiles of Lymphatic Malformations

Brandon J Sumpio, Mark Youngblood, Stephanie Douglas MD, Andre Alcon MD, Alain Kaldany, Brent Schultz MD, Deepak Narayan MD