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A Welcome Message

Welcome to Yale Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery website.

Our Yale Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Programs and Centers are world-renowned for their excellence. Our surgeons and clinical specialists are leaders in advancing medical care through research and unparalleled diagnostic and treatment strategies. They are recognized time and again with local, national, and international awards and honors.

But what drives each and every one of us is the care we extend to helping our patients during their time spent with us. Our success is measured by helping someone regain a sense of empowerment after cancer treatment by enhancing the quality of life for a child with a birth defect, by helping someone use their hands again, by treating sleep apnea and breathing issues, by improving the symmetry and function of jaw imbalances, or by helping to improve overall self-esteem and body image. The personalized and compassionate care we give has and always will come from our hearts.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for your interest in Yale Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
John A. Persing, MD
Division Chief, Yale School of Medicine Department of Surgery - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery