About Us

At the Yale Sinus and Allergy Program, we provide advanced medical and surgical care for patients with benign and malignant sinus and nasal tumors, disorders of the nose and sinuses, including inhalant allergies, chronic rhinosinusitis, nosebleeds, and nasal obstruction, and a wide variety of skull base disorders. Our minimally invasive surgical procedures allow our patients to experience shorter recovery times, minimal or no scarring, and less postoperative discomfort.

A Comprehensive, Team Approach

We offer compassionate care and personalized, comprehensive treatment plans from top surgeons and specialists in areas such as neurosurgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, sinus and allergy, pulmonology, rheumatology, and ophthalmology. Together, our multidisciplinary team members are highly experienced at treating and managing a variety of allergy and sinus disorders, even for patients who have not been able to find relief with previous medical treatment.

Innovative Treatment

As faculty of the Yale School of Medicine Department of Surgery, R. Peter Manes, MD and Mark Bianchi, MD are leaders in their fields of practice and research. They are pioneers in developing surgical, management, and curative technologies for sinus and allergy care and skull base disorders. Because our surgeons continually integrate the most up-to-date techniques in their practice, our patients benefit from the latest surgical treatments, minimally invasive procedures, advanced medical management, and, when available, clinical trials.

Are You A Patient?

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