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Clarence Sasaki, M.D. ’66, HS ’73, was awarded the James E. Newcomb Award

May 28, 2014

The James E. Newcomb Fund was established in 1939 in memory of James E. Newcomb by a bequest of $504 million from the estate of James E. Newcomb. This award was established to be given annually to a Fellow of the Association as a mark of recognition and esteem for services to the Association or for outstanding contributions and accomplishments in the field of Laryngology and Rhinology. Clarence Sasaki, MD was given the award this year.

Clarence T. Sasaki is the Charles W. Ohse Professor at the Yale School of Medicine, Section of Otolaryngology. He received his BA from Pomona College in 1962 and his MD from Yale in 1966. He completed his residency at the Yale-New Haven Medical Center in 1973 and has completed three clinical fellowships: 1) International Union Against Cancer with Professor Ettore Bocca, Milan, Italy, 1978. 2) International Union Against Cancer with Professor Ugo Fisch, Zurich, Switzerland, 1982. 3) International Union Against Cancer with Mr. Dai Davies, London, England, 1986.

Dr. Sasaki is the author of three textbooks in Laryngology. Under his direction the Yale Larynx Laboratory has been the recipient of the Edmund Prince Fowler Award, Triological Society, 1979, the Casselberry Award, American Laryngological Association, 1999, the Broyles Maloney Award, American Bronchoesophagological Association, 2004 and 2011. The Yale Larynx Laboratory has been supported by the National Institutes of Health and many grateful donors. The focus of the laboratory today is the development of laryngeal pacemaker for augmentation of vocal closure.

Dr. Sasaki has developed Yale's Head & Neck Cancer Program and has a widely-based referral practice for tumors of the sinuses, ear, throat and neck.

Submitted by Melanie Kresta on June 05, 2014