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Wellness at Yale

Wellness is a key part of the Yale Otolaryngology Residency. Residents who are not healthy, both physically and emotionally, are unable to function to their full potential. We take great pride in emphasizing wellness, and ensuring a safe and positive learning environment. Yale New Haven Health System has recently started a Resident Wellness Week, with a wide variety of events including free massages and opportunities to win prizes to make a residents’ life a little easier. The GME office has initiated wellness visits, an opt-out program offered to all incoming residents. Housestaff are given the opportunity to meet with a mental health professional associated with the Employee and Family Resource Program to learn about services they provide and find out about opportunities in the area related to each resident’s interests. Each resident is offered 6 free and confidential counseling sessions. The call-a-friend program was developed by the GME office for all of the residency and fellowship training programs. This program trains peer volunteers to be “Friends” anyone can look up and call in times of need to talk through problems, hang out, and get connected with services to improve wellbeing and mental or psychological health. Within Otolaryngology, we organize many social events, including golf, skiing, rock climbing and mentorship dinners. We appreciate the difficulties that come with residency, and are always seeking ways to try and make it a little easier.