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Fourth-Year ENT Sub-Internship

Welcome to the Otolaryngology 4-week Sub-Internship! Your YNHH Chief Residents will be your guides to make sure you get a diverse ENT experience and meet all of the faculty. You will spend 2 weeks on the Head & Neck Service and 2 weeks on the ENT Subspecialty Service.

The Academy website has some useful e-book resources ( You should know every aspect of primary care Otolaryngology, but additional reading will be required to prepare you for the advanced cases you will be a part of (including cancer staging and neck dissection information). To succeed, go all-in for this 4-week time period. Be available, be interested, be helpful, read something before each case, and ask questions to really understand what you’re doing and why. Enjoy your time, learn a lot, and let us know if you have any issues or questions.

A few notes:

  1. The Chief Residents will guide you, but in addition to OR time, you must spend time in clinics (Sinu/Skull base, Pediatrics, Neuro-otology, Laryngology, Plastics, H&N) and find the time to see consults with residents
  2. You should take one night of call - I recommend a Friday night because unlike residents you do not get a post-call day off
  3. You should spend time with all Yale ENT faculty, especially ENT Division Chief and Residency Program Directors
  4. You will be asked to present patients on your Head & Neck rotation
  5. You will be required to give a 7 minute presentation on the last Friday of your rotation; please provide the title of your talk as soon as you know
  6. Evaluations are a culmination of information from all residents, NP/PAs, and faculty