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Required Resting

August 22, 2022
by Cecelia Smith

It is that time of year, when we commit to a month-long hiatus from routine departmental meetings, the foot traffic school-side leans, and resting — preferably poolside — is the preferred agenda. It's a time of year that, I must admit, always stirs my nerves ...

For me — I dare say, for many of us in medical science — "rest" doesn't come naturally. First to work. Last to leave. Go, go, do. That's how we operate. In academia, taking a break, from anything, can feel like fraud; but it shouldn't.

The sun rests; waves rest. In music, rest is the difference between white noise and symphony. Indeed, to bring our best to our patients, to the lab, and to one another, making and taking time to rest is essential.

As we ready ourselves for the new academic year, let's consider the ways we can foster "time out" as part of our cultural code; and encourage rest as a pillar of excellence — August, poolside, and beyond.


Chair, Department of Surgery

Submitted by Stevi Kramer on August 22, 2022