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Department Bets $100K on Team Science

August 22, 2022
by Cecelia Smith

The Department of Surgery is expanding its Academic Development Awards Initiative to include sponsorship for team science. All faculty across the basic, clinical, and translational surgical sciences, are eligible to apply for the Team Science Award, which will grant $100K to the team of investigators with the highest potential for future federal funding.

“This grant is meant to nucleate teams and actively partner with them on grant submissions,” said Vice Chair of Research, Dr. Peter Gruber.

The Team Science Award constitutes the 2022 version of the Department’s academic development initiative, introduced in November of 2019 as a mechanism to “kick start” research projects led by early-career faculty. In 2020, the focus of the initiative pivoted to support proposals that were specific to COVID-19’s impact on surgery; a second round of ‘COVID Awards’ took place in 2021.

Letters of intent are due Friday, Sept. 16. Project funding will begin in late October.

Additional details are included in the Team Science Award prospectus.

Submitted by Stevi Kramer on August 22, 2022