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Inaugural Walter E. Longo Award Winner Dr. Nina Horowitz Honored for Citizenship

October 06, 2020
by Cecelia Smith

The Yale Surgery Citizen Awards Committee has named Dr. Nina Horowitz the inaugural recipient of The Dr. Walter E. Longo MD Award. Established in 2019, the award recognizes one faculty member per year who has made a significant positive influence on the cultural legacy of the Department of Surgery.

“Thank you so much for this incredible honor,” said Dr. Horowitz, an Assistant Professor in the Section of Breast Surgery since 2010.

“We received several nominations from faculty and clinical staff across the system, each recognizing Dr. Horowitz for her honesty, integrity, and unwavering support as a colleague, mentor, and friend — which is what Yale Surgery citizenship is all about,” said Committee Co-Chair, Dr. Danielle Haakinson.

The Walter E. Longo MD Award is one of three peer-nominated Yale Surgery Citizen Awards, including The Extra Mile Award and the Helping Hand Award, which honor administrators, staff, and trainees, as well as faculty.

The nomination form is open to the entire Yale Surgery Community. It is accessible online, and via QR code.

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Submitted by Cecelia Smith on October 06, 2020