Endocrine Faculty 2015 Larger
Faculty and some of the previous, current and future endocrine surgery fellows at the annual fellowship dinner at the American Association in Endocrine Surgery (AAES) meeting in Nashville, May 2015

Current Fellows:

Our Former Fellows

Fellow for July 2016-2017  
Lucas Watkins, MD (Florida Hospital, Orlando, FL)  
drewrhodes@aol.comFellow for July 2015-2016  
Andrew Rhodes, DO (Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA)  
Annual endocrine volume: 450 
Post fellowship: Associate, Regional Surgical Specialists, in affiliation with Mission Health and University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Asheville   

Fellow for July 2014-2015  
Mahsa Javid, MD (Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellow, Trinity College, University of Oxford, UK)  
Annual endocrine volume: 345 
Post fellowship: United Kingdom and research fellowship Yale University School of Medicine   

Fellow for July 2013-2014 
Naira Baregamian, MD, MMS (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH) 
Post fellowship: Vanderbilt University  

Fellow for July 2012-2013 
Hasly Harsono, MD (Cleveland Clinic, OH) 

Fellow for July 2011-2012 
Sarah D. Treter, MD (University of Connecticut, CT) 
Post fellowship: George Washington University, Washington, DC 

Fellow for July 2010-2011 
Jennifer Marti, MD (New York University, NY, NY) 
Post fellowship: Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery, Beth Israel Hospital, NY, NY 

Fellow for July 2009-2010 
Stacey Milan, MD (Thomas Jefferson University, PA) 
Post fellowship: Assistant Professor of Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA 

Fellow for July 2008-2009 
Leslie Wu, MD (Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME)  
Post fellowship: Attending Surgeon, Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME 

Fellow for July 2007-2008 
Tobias Carling, MD, PhD (Yale University, New Haven, CT) 
Post fellowship: Assistant Professor of Surgery, Yale University, New Haven, CT 

Fellow for July 2006-2007 
Tracy Wang, MD, MPH (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY) 
Post fellowship: Assistant Professor of Surgery, MCW, Milwaukee, WI 

Fellow for July 2005-2006
Christina Maser, MD (William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI)
Post fellowship: Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, UCSF-Fresno, CA 

Program Director:

Tobias Carling, MD, PhD 

Office Address
Yale University School of Medicine 
Department of Surgery 
330 Cedar Street, FMB130C 
New Haven, CT  06520 

Office Phone #: 203.737.2036 
Office Fax #: 203.785.2498 

Administrative Assistant:

Name: Patricia Richitelli