Research Opportunities in Yale Surgery

Most General Surgery residents at Yale conduct scholarly research for one or two years between the second and third years of clinical training. Residents receive full salary and benefits to participate in research, in exchange for covering the surgical services five or six nights per month. Some residents obtain independent funding for their research activities, either at Yale or elsewhere (i.e., the NIH or other universities). Yale offers a Physician-Scientist Program which allows residents to earn the Ph.D. degree if they are willing to commit three to four years to laboratory research.

Non-laboratory research activities may be approved if there is a substantial scholarly component. Residents frequently conduct clinical research during their clinical training. Most of our residents present their work at regional or national meetings and publish in peer-reviewed journals. Residents who participate in research are always assured a timely return to clinical training to complete their residency.

Most Yale Surgery faculty conduct clinical or laboratory research and welcome residents to join them in these activities.