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Degree Programs

Masters in Health Science (M.H.Sc.) Program

Surgical residents are afforded the opportunity to obtain the Master’s in Health Science degree at Yale School of Medicine, with half of the tuition expenses paid by the Surgery Department. This 12-month program, geared towards those interested in a research career, awards this degree upon successful completion of 4 courses and a master’s thesis.
Yale Surgery Resident M.H.S candidates:
Name Year
James Farrelly 2017
Timothy Murtha 2017
Swathi Reddy 2017
Brian Arnold 2018
Raymond Jean 2018
Danielle Heller 2019
Vladim Kurbatov 2019
Shirley Liu 2019
Norman Nicholson 2019
Vanessa Baratta 2020
Sarah Ullrich 2020
Matthew Shaughnessy 2020
Jolanta Gorecka 2020

Doctor of Philosophy in Investigative Medicine (Ph.D.) Program

The Investigative Medicine Program is a training program in clinical investigation for physicians that leads to a Ph.D. degree in Investigative Medicine awarded from the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Its aim is to provide the training required to develop a broad knowledge base, analytical skill, creative thinking and the hands-on experience demanded of clinical researchers devoted to either laboratory-based or clinically-based patient-oriented investigation. Admission to the Investigative Medicine Program occurs across multiple clinical subspecialties, with a choice of focus on either patient-oriented research, disease-oriented research, or basic “translational” laboratory research. Students are provided with individualized training encompassing both formal coursework and practical experience, under the supervision and mentorship of a senior faculty member. Requirements for the Ph.D. degree are the completion of a didactic curriculum of required and elective courses, a comprehensive examination, and a research project resulting in a dissertation – under the guidance of a Qualifying and Thesis Committee. Most students will be able to obtain a Ph.D. degree in a 3-4 year timeframe.

Yale Surgery Resident Ph.D. candidates:
Name Year
Clinton Protack 2015
Gabriella Grisotti 2018
Jonathan Merola 2018
Vladim Kurbatov Current
Holly Blackburn Current
Katie O'Neil Current

Master of Education (M.Ed) Degree

Master of Education (M.Ed) Degree:
Name Year
Samantha Ahle 2019
Mollie Freedman-Weiss 2020
Erin White 2021
Andrew Esposito 2022