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Aorta Journal

AORTA is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses specifically on the aorta and its first-order branches (innominate, carotid, subclavian, celiac axis, superior mesenteric, renal, and iliac arteries). No other journal has this direct focus on the aorta. This journal was established by Dr. John Elefteriades in 2013.

In our journal you can find articles regarding the natural history of aortic diseases, surgical treatment, percutaneous ('non-invasive') treatment options, new surgical approaches for these diseases, and new medical/surgical products and technologies for the care of patients with aortic disease.

A multidisciplinary group of specialists, including cardiothoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, vascular radiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiovascular anesthesiologists, engineers, and basic science researchers in vascular medicine are subscribers and contributers of AORTA.

This journal covers a wide spectrum of aortic research, from genetics and molecular pathophysiology of the aortic wall to the most advanced aspects of surgical and interventional therapies. The journal is intended to foster cross-fertilization of ideas between basic scientists and clinicians. AORTA incorporates a number of educational scientific and clinical features and “entertaining” clinical segments. The intent is to go beyond limitations and restrictions of current journals. An on-line version and website provide a mechanism for extensive still visual content as well as video segments (e.g. surgical procedures).

Aorta General Public Pages

A special “Patient Page” in each issue explains key articals from that issue in terms easily understand by the general public.

Aorta: Page for General Public - 02/2017

Aorta: Page for General Public - 04/2017

Aorta: Page for General Public - 06/2017

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