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Meet Dr. Pramod Bonde

Dr. Pramod Bonde, is a cardiac surgeon and the surgical director of Mechanical Circulatory Support. He specializes in LVAD surgery either as a "bridge solution" or a "destination therapy" (permanent solution) for patients needing a heart transplant. In the future, he hopes to offer patients a wireless micro-LVAD he has developed, that switches on only when the patient needs it, much like a pacemaker does.

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What it Means to Discover: A Researcher's Perspective

Dr. Pramod Bonde

Individual Assessment Of Patients

Dr. Bonde discusses the importance of individual assessment of patients.

Benefits Of Keyhole Operation For Mitral Valve Regurgitation

Dr. Bonde discusses treatment for mitral valve regurgitation (leaky valve).

Evolution of Left Ventricle Assist Devices [Heart Pumps]

Dr. Bonde discusses the evolution of Left Ventricle Assist Devices [Heart Pumps]

Dr. Pramod Bonde

Dr. Bonde talks about his dedication to improving the quality and longevity of his patients with heart disease.