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Many cardiothoracic faculty lead outcomes research and basic science groups, with substantial resident involvement. Cardiac faculty with active research include Drs. Geirsson, Elefteriades, Vallabhajosyula, Tellides, Gruber, and Bonde. The Thoracic Division offers a robust clinical outcomes and basic research experience, led by Drs. Boffa, Detterbeck, and Woodard. Resident participation is strongly encouraged. The research activities cover a broad array of cardiac and thoracic physiology and pathology. Open weekly meetings are held for both the Cardiac and Thoracic clinical outcomes research groups, and residents are encouraged to become involved early in the research endeavors.

There are opportunities across the University’s Schools and Departments for mentorship and collaboration, including with the Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE). Opportunities within other Departments of the School of Medicine, including Medicine, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Immunobiology and others are numerous. These activities provide opportunities for animal operations and work in molecular biology, immunobiology, biochemistry, and biomedical or mechanical engineering. The laboratories are staffed by full-time basic scientists, surgical research fellows, and technical staff. Although finding the time to conduct independent research during our residency training programs can be challenging, projects can be undertaken during clinical rotations, and the development of an academic career in cardiothoracic surgery is supported and encouraged.