Why Choose An Integrated Six-Year Program?

  1. Evolution of the modern specialty of cardiothoracic surgery has been driven by multidisciplinary approaches to treating complex cardiovascular diseases. Our  integrated six-year residency training program provides exposure to the many different specialties involved in the care of cardiothoracic surgical patients. 
  2. Compared to traditional training in cardiothoracic surgery, comprised of a full five-year general surgical residency followed by a two to three year cardiothoracic surgical residency, our integrated six-year program provides more focused training in cardiac and thoracic surgery, shortening the total residency training period by 1-2 years. 
  3. The advent of many new techniques and subspecialties in cardiothoracic surgery (e.g., catheter-based valve replacements, surgical therapies for end-stage heart failure, arrhythmia surgery) may require additional advanced fellowship training. The years of training saved with the shorter integrated approach facilitates pursuing this additional training.