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Conference requirements vary by service. All residents are expected to attend simulation experiences and journal clubs. Residents on cardiothoracic rotations attend the CT surgery didactics, while junior residents on general surgery are expected to attend general surgery didactics. Attendance at general surgery, cardiac, or thoracic surgery mortality and morbidity review conference, depending on service assignment, is expected. Other conferences include tumor board conference, thoracic anesthesia conference, advanced valve conference, cath conferences, transplant listing conferences, and the Department of Surgery Grand Rounds.

Name of Conference (teaching round, seminar, journal club, etc.) Frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.) Mandatory or Elective Individual(s) or Department Responsible for Organization of Sessions
CT Surgery Resident Didactics Weekly Mandatory (All CT) Cariothoracic Surgery (following TSDA educational program)
General Surgery Resident Didactics Weekly Mandatory (All GS) General Surgery Faculty
Simulation/Wet Labs Quarterly Mandatory (All) Cardiac & Thoracic Faculty
Journal Club Quarterly Mandatory (All) Cardiothoracic Surgery Residents
M & M conference (Cardiac) Bi-weekly Mandatory (Cardiac) Cardiac Surgery Chief
M & M conference (General Thoracic) Monthly Mandatory (Thoracic) General Thoracic Surgery Chief
Thoracic Oncology Program Tumor Board Weekly Mandatory (Thoracic) General Thoracic Surgery Chief and Oncology Dept.
Thoracic Anesthesia Conference Weekly Mandatory (Thoracic) General Thoracic Section Chief and Anesthesia Dept.
Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization Weekly Mandatory (Pediatric) Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Tumor Board, West Haven VA Hospital Weekly Mandatory (VA) Hematology/Oncology Dept.
M&M Conference West Haven VA Hospital Monthly Mandatory (VA) VA CT Chief
Multidisciplinary Cardiac Catheterization Conference West Haven VA Hospital Twice weekly Mandatory (VA) VA CT Chief
Cath Case Conference Weekly Mandatory (Cath lab) Cardiology Section Chief
Valve Case Review Bi-weekly Mandatory (Cardiac Advanced Valve Service) Structural Cardiology Director/Cardiac Surgery Chief
Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Weekly Elective Dept. of Surgery Chairperson
Cardiology Grand Rounds Weekly Elective Cardiology Section Chief
Heart Transplant/Advanced Heart Failure Conference Weekly Elective Surgical Director Center for Advanced Heart Failure