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Aishwarya Chowdhary, BSc (Hon), MSc

Postgraduate Associate

Contact Information

Aishwarya Chowdhary, BSc (Hon), MSc


Originally from India, Aishwarya is a global citizen who has lived in many parts of the world. After splitting time between America and India for her schooling, she moved across the pond for her higher education. As an aspiring clinical psychologist, she graduated with a first class honours degree in BSc Psychology (Hons) from De Montfort University in Leicester and just completed her masters training in MSc Applied Clinical Psychology from the University of Bath. She discovered her love for working with children while volunteering at a non-profit school in India and really enjoys research involving developmental psychology, emotion regulation and neuropsychology. She feels passionate about improving access to mental health care resources for all; but especially for minorities and those from low-socioeconomic backgrounds.

Education & Training

  • MSc
    University of Bath, Applied Clinical Psychology (2020)
  • BSc (Hon)
    De Montfort University, Psychology (Hons) (2019)