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Stockroom Card System

Stockroom Cards

Split charging capability of up to 10 COA’s

  • Charges can be split by percentage on up to 10 COA’s

Electronic Signature Capture

  • Signatures on the original invoice will be captured at the point of sale.
  • Business offices can reference an original signature-eliminates current paper system

Stockroom Charge Cards

  • Cards are imprinted with a unique number and have a magstripe for electronic use
  • No financial or departmental information is stored on the card
  • All financial and departmental information is securely stored in the system database eliminating risk in the event that a card is lost or stolen

Unlimited Users Per Card

  • Assign one or many authorized users to a card

Modifiable and Reassignable

  • Information associated with any card can be modified within the system.
  • Cancelled cards can be erased and reassigned – they should not be physically destroyed or discarded

Request a New Card

To request a new card, please complete and submit the paper request form.

New Stockroom Card Form with COA

New Stockroom Change Form with COA