Yale Undergraduate Stem Cell Science Society

The goal of the Yale Undergraduate Stem Cell Science Society (YUSCSS), launched in fall 2011, is to build an engaged, informed and supportive cohort of Yale undergraduates – future scientists, biomedical engineers, physicians, legislators, businesspeople and voters – who are interested in helping to realize the extraordinary scientific and therapeutic potential of stem cell science.

By hosting speakers, holding Master's Teas, organizing faculty talks and lunches with Yale Stem Cell Center faculty members, attending Yale Stem Cell Center events, hosting journal club meetings, and more, the YUSCSS helps undergraduates learn about vital issues and cutting edge research in the field, explore future educational and career options in stem cell science and medical application, and learn how to advocate for effective, forward-thinking stem cell science policies at the state and national level.

YUSCSS also seeks to promote, through op-eds and campus events, widespread awareness among all undergraduates of the immense promise and the many implications – scientific, medical, social and political – of stem cell research, and to work to dispel myths surrounding the use of stem cells that result from poor understanding of the science involved. Sooner or later most Yale students will be asked to vote for or against candidates or propositions that take a stand on stem cell research. YUSCSS seeks to make sure their decisions are well informed.

We encourage all undergraduates to join us!

For questions or to join our email list, please contact:
Viveca Morris '14 (president),
Daniel Berenson '13 (vice-president), or
Jian Li '12 (treasurer).