The Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Core Facility of the Yale Stem Cell Center is a satellite of the Yale School of Medicine Cell Sorter Facility, which is directed by Dr. Ann Haberman. 

The FACS Core has two locations in the Amistad Building - room 105 houses a BD FACSCalibur and room 416 houses a BD Aria cell sorter and BD LSRII analyzer, where they are readily accessible to members of the YSCC. 

The FACSAria is equipped with four lasers (UV, 407, 488, and 633 nm). The four lasers are coupled to 2, 2, 6, and 3 photomultiplier tube (PMT) detectors, respectively, allowing for a theoretical detection of up to 12 colors. The lasers were chosen to provide maximum flexibility and to match our existing systems to provide users with a consistent platform. The system was also configured to allow for detection of side-population cells, which are an area of interest for many YSCC members. The Amistad Aria laser and filter configuration can be found at the FACS Facility Website - https://medicine.yale.edu/immuno/flowcore/instrumentation/analysis/amistad.aspx.

Zuzana Tobiasova is the FACS Facility staff member in charge of operating the Amistad FACS Aria. Zuzana is here Monday-Friday to sort for FACS Facility users. She can be contacted at zuzana.tobiasova@yale.edu or in Amistad 416 to schedule a sort or consult on an upcoming project. 

This FACS Core is also equipped with a BD LSRII FACS analyzer in Amistad 416. The LSRII is a 5-laser system (355, 405, 488, 532, and 633nm lasers) that is equipped with 17 PMTS for fluorescence detection. The Amistad LSRII laser and filter configuration can be found at the FACS Facility Website - https://medicine.yale.edu/immuno/flowcore/instrumentation/analysis/amistad.aspx

For detailed information on flow cytometry, flow cytometric techniques, training, and how to sign up to use the flow cytometry facilities, see the Yale School of Medicine Cell Sorter Facility website. 

Scientific Director: Ann Haberman, PhD 

FACS Facility Manager: Geoff Lyon, 203-737-5959 

Amistad FACS Aria Sort Operator: Zuzana Tobiasova, 203-785-2299

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