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Guided Visualization

The following recommendations apply to all 3-S meditations and guided visualization scripts:

Audiotape the guided visualizations using the scripts provided, and then listen to your taped recording daily or at the frequency recommended.

Time: Select a time when you will not be disturbed.

Place: Select a location that is quiet and free of distractions. If possible, create a meditation area that you use specifically for your practice.

Position: Loosen any tight-fitting clothing. Choose the sitting position that is right for you. If you are able, sit on the floor in a crossed-legged position (e.g., right foot on or next to left thigh, left foot on or next to right thigh) with left hand resting palm up on your lap and right hand resting palm up in your left hand. If you prefer, sit upright in a chair, with legs uncrossed and hands resting on your thighs.If you prefer to lie down, lie on the floor on your back.Whatever position you choose it should facilitate remaining alert and focused.

Imagery Script #1:

Constructing the Path: Activating your Spiritual Self-Schema

Assume your preferred position and take a deep breath; inhale as deeply as you can and, as you exhale, close your eyes. And now, with your eyes closed, take another deep breath, breathing in healing relaxation -- hold the breath -- and now breathing out any tension that remains. As you continue to focus on your slow, rhythmic breathing, allow yourself to relax more deeply. And as you allow yourself to relax, deeper and deeper, just imagine that right above your head is a light that represents your personal Spirituality. Give it a color. As you do this, acknowledge its source, its compassion and its potential for healing, and invite this healing energy into your body. Feel it enter through the top of your head, feel its relaxing warmth as it moves down your forehead, relaxing the muscles in your forehead. Down now through your entire face and head and into your neck, as your head and neck now feel bathed in the light. Feel the healing light penetrating your shoulders now and feel the muscles letting go, relieving you of the heavy burden you carry on those shoulders. Feel the relaxation as it moves down your arms now and into your hands. Feel your arms and hands totally immersed in the relaxing light. Now visualize the light moving down from your shoulders into your chest, and into your stomach, and now into your pelvic region. Feel its relaxing warmth permeating your torso, relaxing all the muscles, and bathing all of your internal organs in its healing energy. The light is moving down now into your legs. Down, down, down your legs into your knees, your calves, your ankles, your feet, your toes. Feel the relaxation in your legs and feet now as they are bathed in the relaxing warmth of the light. Now spend a moment experiencing your entire body immersed in the healing light of your Spirit nature -- feel it penetrate every pore, feel it bathe every organ, feel it relax every muscle. Just allowing it to surround you and fill you with its peace and serenity. Reminding yourself that this peace and serenity is available to you whenever you need it.

When you are ready, I'd like you to imagine that in front of you is a television set. See the television screen in front of you, and imagine that you are selecting a channel to watch. Imagine that an image appears on the screen that you recognize. When you look carefully you realize that it is an actor playing the role of YOU as you typically experience and express yourself in your daily life. Examine the actor's performance carefully, without judgment. What does the actor look and sound like, what mannerisms and habits is the actor displaying that characterize you, what thoughts and emotions underlie your habitual patterns of behavior that you now see being enacted on the TV screen ? Take a few moments to examine this image, then use your remote control to fade that image and change the channel.

Now a new image comes into focus on the screen. The image is of you. This time YOU are the actor, and you are playing the role of someone who is traveling your personal Spiritual path, fully experiencing and expressing your Spiritual nature. Don't be surprised if you can't get a clear image right away. Just as an actor has to research a role thoroughly and dedicate many hours to rehearsing, so too will you need to research and rehearse what it means to be on your Spiritual path. Take a few moments now to study the role. What will you need to look like if you are on your Spiritual path? What would you need to sound like? What mannerisms and habits would be obvious to others? What thoughts and emotions would underlie the habitual behaviors required of your Spiritual journey? Take a few moments to capture the essense of the role you are to play. How does it feel to experience your Spiritual nature? Really feel what it is like with every cell of your body. Do you feel its compassion for you and for others? What thoughts come to mind? Are they thoughts of loving kindness towards yourself and others? What actions will result? Will they serve to prevent harm? Does the activation of this pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors move your further along your Spiritual path?

Now reflect on the day ahead. Visualize yourself going about your daily tasks while remaining in the role of one traveling your Spiritual path. Create a clear image of the tasks and challenges ahead. Would you handle them differently if you were mindful of your Spiritual nature. Now resolve to rehearse your new role throughout your daily activities today. During your day become aware that you are thinking, feeling, and behaving as you would while traveling your Spiritual path, and seeing the world through the eyes of your Spiritual nature: with compassion and equanimity. If at any time during the day other roles intrude, simply close your eyes for a moment and visualize yourself changing the channel on the TV screen, letting that image fade and replacing it with the image of you on your personal Spiritual path. Every day, as you practice your imagery, and go about your daily life playing the role of someone on your personal Spiritual path, your performance becomes stronger and deeper, and soon you find you are no longer playing a role. Rather, you are that person who has decided to take a Spiritual path through daily life.

And now, still visualizing yourself on your Spiritual path, count slowly from 1 to 5. When you reach the number 5, your awareness returns to your surroundings once again. You may notice a feeling of peace, knowing that in each moment of every day, the capacity to fully experience and express your Spiritual nature is always present within you.

[Counting... 1...2...3...4....5]

Open your eyes now, take a deep breath, stretch and continue on your Spiritual path