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Dear Yale Volunteer:
During the 2 workshops I had with you, I had a lot of fun.  I wish I was there for the 1st week, but I wasn't.  I thought that the Mitosis flip book was really neat, and now if I forget the stages of it, I just grab by handy flip book and look it up. It was also cool how we learned about child defects caused by lack of too many chromosomes.
During the 2nd week, I found our project to be very interesting.  I carry my DNA in my backpack wherever I go!  Your time spent here was very fun.
Sean Potter (2006, Betsy Ross)

Dear Yale Volunteer:
Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to come and teach us more about DNA mitosis and meiosis.  The workshops were a lot of fun.  I loved looking at what you do in Science at Yale.  I was really intrigued at the worms, fruit flies, DNA sessions and the movie on mitosis.  They were all so cool!!!!  When I showed my parents my visible DNA, they asked me with no hesitation, "How did they do that?"  Since the volunteer in my group told us, I could explain it easily.  These visits were awesome.  Thanks again.
Amanda Valaitis (2006, Betsy Ross)

"Oh, man! This is the first time I really started to like science and now it's over!"
- Seventh Grader at the end of the final session of the program

"When I grow up and go to college, I am going to research the things you taught us...I liked everything we learned. The best part was the taste buds, and the next one was the microscopes. I liked all of them the best. I liked the way we were treated by the students that came from Yale."
- Jessenia Jurado, Seventh Grade, Troupe Academy of Science Middle School


"This has been tremendous fun (although exhausting!). It's very rewarding to see the excitement these kids display for these projects, and gratifying to see how much they enjoy performing for the first time molecular biology techniques (agarose gels, DNA precipitation) which have become so routine for us as graduate students."
- Peter Kosa, Former Genetics Graduate Student


"Dear Paula and Yale volunteers.

  Troup Academy of Science 7th Grade Science class would like to thank you for another great year.  I cannot tell you how well the kids do with genetics because of your time and effort.  You have opened up a new world of science for us. Parents at report card night told me how their children come home and tell them all about the labs."
- Elizabeth Vigliotti-Teacher Troup Academy of Science