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Office of Student Research Congratulates Students and Thanks Faculty Mentors

August 04, 2021

The Office of Student Research (OSR) congratulates rising second-year MD students on their summer research accomplishments. OSR also thanks the many Yale School of Medicine (YSM) faculty members who mentored these students, as well as the faculty who led summer research didactics.

Seventy-seven of 81 rising second-year medical students devoted this summer to full-time research under the mentorship of Yale faculty. Mentored research is integral to the medical school experience at Yale. The commitment faculty make to mentoring students enables students to excel in their research endeavors. Many faculty have their student mentee work on the most promising and cutting-edge aspects of the faculty's research efforts.

Associate Deans of Student Research, Sarwat Chaudhry, MD and Erica Herzog, MD, PhD, also would like to acknowledge the summer research that rising second-year Brandon Hudik is conducting under the guidance of Benjamin Howell, MD, MPH, MHS: The Health Impacts of Structural Barriers to Homelessness Services in New Haven. This work seeks to identify perceptions and policies that impede health care access among individuals experiencing homelessness in New Haven, in order to inform the development of effective approaches to improving access. This project was selected for the 2021 Social Justice Scholars Award, which provides funding and is made possible by a generous gift from alumni of YSM and the Yale School of Public Health.

Submitted by Abigail Roth on August 04, 2021