Yong Zhu, PhD

Associate Professor of Epidemiology (Environmental Health Sciences); Assistant Director, Global Epidemiology

Research Departments & Organizations

School of Public Health

Liver Center

Yale Cancer Center: Cancer Prevention and Control

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Interests

Breast Neoplasms; Environmental Health; Genetics, Medical; Molecular Epidemiology; Public Health; Testicular Neoplasms

Research Summary

Dr. Zhu's research interests are oriented towards the use of the molecular epidemiological approach in the study of genetic susceptibility biomarkers and their interactions with environmental exposures in human disease development. Dr. Zhu has been developing and validating novel phenotypic and genotypic assays and biomarkers for several cancer types, including non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, breast, bladder, lung and prostate cancer. By utilizing various techniques in genetics, epigenetics, cytogenetics, cell biology, and computational biology, my studies have identified biomarkers that can characterize inherited predisposition and cellular response to environmental factors. Current research focuses on studying the role of two transcriptional factors, circadian genes and microRNAs, in tumorigenesis.

Specialized Terms:Circadian genes; MicroRNAs; Shift-work; Breast Cancer; Lymphoma; Prostate Cancer

Extensive Research Description

  • Molecular Epidemiology of Circadian Genes and Human Cancers
  • Molecular Epidemiology of Methylation-related Genes and Human Cancers
  • Molecular Epidemiology of Micro-RNA and Human Cancers

Selected Publications

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Yong Zhu, PhD
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60 College Street, Ste 702
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Environmental Health SciencesPO Box 208034
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