Walter Kernan, MD

Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Co-Director for Primary Care

Research Departments & Organizations

Internal Medicine: Diabetes Research Center | General Internal Medicine

Center for Neuroepidemiology and Clinical Neurological Research

Obesity Research Working Group

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Interests

Cerebrovascular Disorders; Clinical Clerkship; Education, Medical; Epidemiology; Internal Medicine; Physicians, Primary Care; Stroke

Research Summary

The major focus of my research has been on the clinical epidemiology of cerebrovascular disease and the interface between primary care and stroke treatment. With colleagues in our section and in the Department of Neurology, this research has included clinical trials of new therapies for prevention of recurrent stroke (estrogen, thiazolidinediones), cohort studies of prognosis, case–control studies of risk factors, and cross-sectional examinations of quality of care. My current work includes several studies on the prevalence and course of impaired glucose metabolism among patients with a recent stroke. In addition to work on cerebrovascular disease, my research includes efforts to measure and improve clinical instruction of medical students in the ambulatory setting.

Specialized Terms: Clinical epidemiology of cerebrovascular disease; Interface between primary care and stroke treatment; Medical education

Extensive Research Description

A randomized clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of pioglitazone, compared with placebo, for prevention of recurrent stroke and MI among non-diabetic patients with a recent ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack and insulin resistance.

Selected Publications

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