Travis Whitfill, MPH, MACE

Associate Research Scientist in Pediatrics

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Yale University: Yale School of Medicine: Pediatrics

Research Interests

Data Collection; Data Display; Delivery of Health Care; Organizational Innovation; Pediatrics; Quality Improvement; Quality of Health Care

Research Summary

Our recent research has shown critical deficiencies in acute pediatric care in United States' Emergency Departments. My research focus is in identifying and improving areas of deficiencies in hospitals and healthcare systems compared to nationally published guidelines or high-performing pediatric care centers.

Extensive Research Description

My research in pediatric involves the use of technology and innovative techniques to improve the quality and safety of care through work at the level of individual providers, teams of providers, and teams of providers working within complex systems. The research interest relies on the use of simulation as a research methodology. I have developed analytical techniques to use simulation-based assessments to describe differences in care across a large spectrum of Emergency Departments. I co-designed, analyzed, and reported on a large 30-center study examining differences in care across hospitals in the northeast and mid-Atlantic US and am working with Pediatric Emergency Medicine physicians to expand this effort to measure and compare the quality of pediatric acute care across a larger geographic region. I am also interested in applying this work in the prehospital setting, particularly with disaster triage.

Additionally, a series of studies on which I collaborated for the final analyses were framed around infant lumbar puncture procedural skills training. This series of clinical translational research projects is involved: examining the impact of our interventions on provider’s knowledge, skills and attitudes (T1- simulation lab), examining how these providers’ simulation-based performance impacted their clinical performance and procedural success on real patients (T2 clinical environment), and most recently completing a 30 center multi-site study examining the impact of this work on population level patient outcomes (T3 health care systems). Moreover, I have helped in the validation of checklist in neonatal intubation and other content validity of checklists in the NICU/ED.

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Travis Whitfill, MPH, MACE
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Deficiencies in care between Pediatric Emergency Departments and General Emergency Departments

Using in situ simulation at approximately 30 Emergency Departments (EDs) across the US, we identified major deficiencies in care between Pediatric EDs and General EDs. These differences were most notable in Pediatric Readiness, septic shock preparedness, cardiac arrest preparedness, and teamwork