Thomas Brown

Professor of Psychology

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Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Brown Lab

Research Interests

Amygdala; Behavioral Research; Hippocampus; Learning; Memory; Neurobiology; Physiology

Research Summary

My laboratory is interested in neurobiological mechanisms of learning and

memory from the molecular to the behavioral levels, with a major focus on

rapid forms of learning. The brain structures on which we have concentrated

include the hippocampus, amygdala, and perirhinal cortex. Collectively, they

are implicated in aspects of declarative and emotional learning as well as

aging-related forms of neuropathology and accompanying behavioral or mental

changes. The experimental knowledge we gain about synapses, circuits and

systems is incorporated into computational models for theoretical studies.

Specialized Terms: Neurobiological mechanism of learning and memory.

Selected Publications

  • Visually-guided patch-clamp recordings in brain slices

    Moyer JR, Jr. and Brown TH. Visually-guided patch-clamp recordings in brain slices. In W. Walz (Ed.), Advanced Techniques for Patch-Clamp Analysis. Third Edition (pp. 169–227). Totowa, NJ: Humana Press, 2007. 2007

  • Impaired trace and contextual fear conditioning in aged rats.

    Moyer JR, Brown TH. Impaired trace and contextual fear conditioning in aged rats. Behavioral Neuroscience 2006, 120:612-24. 2006

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