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Susan Kaech, PhD
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Kaech lab

Formation of memory T cells following infection.

Upon infection, naïve T cells become activated and proliferate and differentiate into a heterogeneous population of effector T cells. Most of the effector T cells terminally differentiate into effector T cells (blue cells) that protect against the current infection, but lose potential to develop into memory T cells. A smaller subset of effector T cells persist to develop into different types of memory T cells such as effector memory T (TEM) cells (red), central memory T (TCM) cells (yellow) and resident memory T (TRM) cells (green). These different populations of memory T cells form a tiered defense system. Figure modified from: Cui W and Kaech SM. Transcriptional Regulation of Effector and Memory CD8 T cell fates. Nat Rev Immunol 12:749-61 (2012).