Sunil Parikh, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases) and of Medicine (Infectious Diseases)

Research Departments & Organizations

School of Public Health: Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS | Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases | YSPH Global Health Concentration

Internal Medicine: Infectious Diseases

Yale Institute for Global Health

MacMillan Center: African Studies

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Interests

Africa; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Developing Countries; Diagnosis; Epidemiology; Global Health; Infectious Disease Medicine; Malaria; Parasitic Diseases; Public Health; Uganda

Research Summary

Dr. Parikh focuses upon several aspects of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa, including studies focused on optimizing treatment regimens, novel chemoprevention strategies, drug resistance emergence and spread, and parasite dynamics. Current projects include: (1) understanding host factors affecting response to artemisinin-based antimalarial therapies using a combination of individual and population-based pharmacologic approaches to inform treatment guidelines (Uganda); 2) novel use of a chemopreventive measure to reduce malaria (Burkina Faso); and 3) characterizing the epidemiology of non-falciparum species in sub-Saharan Africa (Cameroon). Dr. Parikh has ongoing projects in several African countries, which span observational, interventional, and cross-sectional designs.

Specialized Terms: Translation research in malaria; Pharmacology of antimalarials; HIV-malaria co-infection; Host response to malaria infection; Innate immunity to malaria

Extensive Research Description

1) Antimalarial Therapy in the context of pregnancy, growth/development, and HIV co-infection in Uganda

Major Goal: To assess the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of artemisinin-combination therapies and their impact upon efficacy and drug resistance in vulnerable populations. We are conducting a randomized controlled trial of two different antimalarial regimens in children with and without HIV in Uganda.

2) Use of novel approaches to preventing malaria in Burkina Faso

Major Goal: We are conducting a cluster-randomized trial of a novel chemopreventive approach in Burkina Faso

3) Studying parasite dynamics and the emergence and spread of drug resistance in parasites in Burkina  Faso

4) Characterizing the epidemiology of non-falciparum species in Cameroon and Uganda.


  • Malaria research in Cameroon Douala, Cameroon (2017)

  • Viviendas Leon Leon, Nicaragua (2011)

    Board Member, Community development non-profit working in Nicaragua

  • Alliance for Stroke Awareness and Prevention Project New Delhi, India; Kampala, Uganda (2011)

    Board Member, Non-profit working in Uganda and India on projects related to stroke prevention, such as hypertension screening.

  • Malaria Research Burkina Faso (2006)

    Translational research on host response and susceptibility to malaria

  • Malaria research Uganda (2002)

    Translational research in antimalarial therapy and epidemiology

Selected Publications

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