Sheldon Campbell, MD, PhD

Professor of Laboratory Medicine; Director, Medical Microbiology Course; Director, Laboratories at VA CT Healthcare System

Research Departments & Organizations

Laboratory Medicine: Clinical Microbiology Laboratory | VA Connecticut Clinical Laboratories

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Interests

HIV; Microbiology; Point-of-Care Systems; Veterans

Research Summary

My scholarly interests lie in the areas of clinical microbiology, especially point-of-care testing; and medical education.

Emerging technology has enormously expanded the array of tests available at the point of care, e.g. ‘bedside testing,’ in recent years; currently over 40 analytes and over 300 kits and instruments are available as ‘waived’ tests, which can be performed with minimal regulation. These and a number of more-complex tests are all performed at the ‘point-of-care’. New methods for testing for pathogens such as HIV have had a major impact on screening and diagnosis of infectious diseases, but the impact of these tests on health and on the logistics and economics of health care remains unclear in many cases. Emerging technologies for simplifying and automating technologies such as molecular diagnostics, DNA arrays, and mass-spectroscopic methods are likely to cause continued growth in the range and complexity of tests performed outside of traditional laboratory settings. There is a continuing need for research and standards development in this rapidly-advancing area of diagnostic medicine.

In medical education, my work has focused on bringing active learning strategies into the basic science classroom, including microbial songs. I’ve also been active in developing guidelines for resident education in clinical pathology.

Specialized Terms: Clinical microbiology; Point-of-care testing; Medical education; HIV and mycobacterial diagnosis

Selected Publications

  • Salmonella typhimurium pulmonary infection in an immunocompetent patient.

    Genzen JR, Towle DM, Kravetz JD, Campbell SM. Salmonella typhimurium pulmonary infection in an immunocompetent patient. Connecticut Medicine 2008, 72:139-42. 2008

  • Resident training in point-of-care testing.

    Campbell S, Howanitz PJ. Resident training in point-of-care testing. Clinics In Laboratory Medicine 2007, 27:397-410; abstract viii. 2007

  • Infection and Host Response

    Campbell SM and Oethinger MD (2009) ‘Infection and Host Response’ in Coleman WB and Tsongalis GJ (eds) Molecular Pathology, The Molecular Basis of Human Disease. Elsevier, 41-61. 2009

  • Human Immunodeficiency Viruses

    Griffith, BP, Campbell S and Mayo, DR (2007) ‘Human Immunodeficiency Viruses’ in Murray PR et al (eds) Manual of Clinical Microbiology, 9th Edition, ASM Press, 1308-1329. 2007

  • Infectious Disease. Chapter 8

    Campbell S, Campos J, Hall GS, LeBar WD, Greene W, Roush D, Rudrick JT, Russell B, Sautter R. (2006) ‘Infectious Disease. Chapter 8’, in Nichols JH (editor) Evidence Based Practice for Point-of-Care Testing: A National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Medicine Practice Guideline. Washington DC. AACC Press, 76-87. 2006

  • Point-of-Care immunodeficiency Virus Testing

    Campbell SM and Fedoriw Y (2009) Point-of-Care immunodeficiency Virus Testing. Point of Care: The Journal of Near-Patient Testing & Technology. 8(1): 32-35. 2009

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Sheldon Campbell, MD, PhD
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