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Search for a Faculty Member by Keyword, Name, or All Fields

This page searches names, keywords, and publication titles. Search for any faculty or topics in which you are interested.

This feature may be best utilized if you have a specific faculty member in mind or a specific interest and want to find faculty who share this interest.

Search Features:

  • Multiple Terms: Typing more than one keyword into the search box will return any profile with any of those keywords.
  • Quotes: To search a very specific term, you can put your query in quotation marks (i.e. "healthcare disparities") to find any faculty that match your search terms exactly.

Keep in mind a search for a specific term will not bring up synonyms or misspellings, so it may be necessary to browse beyond your initial search results. There are two ways to find others interested in similar topics from a faculty profile:

  • Co-Authors: The profile may list faculty members with whom they have co-authored publications
  • Research Interests: These keywords are linked to others working on those topics.