Ruth Montgomery, PhD

Professor; Director, Yale CyTOF Facility; Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs

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Internal Medicine: Rheumatology: Rheumatic Diseases Research Core | Rheumatology, Allergy, & Immunology: Rheumatology: Rheumatic Diseases Research Core

Laboratory Medicine


School of Public Health: Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases

Human and Translational Immunology Program

Yale Center for Research on Aging (Y-Age)

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Research Interests

Aging; Immune System; Immune System Diseases; Immunity, Innate; Macrophages; Neutrophils; Pathology; Public Health; Rheumatology; Virus Diseases; West Nile virus

Research Summary

My research focuses on translational studies of primary human cells in disease susceptibility and divergent clinical outcomes. We employ emerging technology in investigations and have published several methods using novel technology to advance translational studies. I launched the Yale CyTOF Core facility and work with investigators to facilitate use of this novel platform and a prototype imaging CyTOF (IMC) which detects >40 markers in tissue. In collaborative studies, we evaluate immune responses broadly in asthma, dengue virus, hepatitis C virus, humanized mice, leptospirosis, and Zika virus infections.

The focus of our lab’s research is on innate immunity, specifically the interaction of macrophages, neutrophils, and dendritic cells with pathogens. We study the effect of aging and immunosuppression on immune responses and specifically on the expression and efficiency of Toll-Like receptors. In our studies from a large cohort of human subjects, we have shown that older donors express lower levels of certain TLRs and show dysregulation of immune pathways in aging.

I am the Director of the CyTOF facility, which houses Two Helios instruments, one is dedicated to the Imaging mass Cytometer (IMC). CyTOF is a mass-spec based cell analyzer which provides multi-dimensional single cell data from cells in suspensions and recently also in solid tissue (IMC). CyTOF improves on fluorescent flow cytometry by allowing detection of a greater number of markers per sample (~30-40 instead of 4-8) without background signals, and most importantly, without overlap between signals.

Specialized Terms: Innate Immunity; Macrophage; Neutrophil; Aging; West Nile Virus

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Addictive Behaviors, HIV/AIDS, Infectious Diseases Impact of HIV Infection on Immunologic, Transcriptomic, and Metabolomic Signatures

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Ruth Montgomery, PhD
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Differentiated NK repertoires are skewed toward cytokine production in response to virus-infected cells.

Increase in diversity of NK cell receptors following infection with virus. Sci Trans Med 7:297ra115. PMCID:PMC4547537

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Ixodes tick, vector of Lyme disease