Ruth Halaban, PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Dermatology

Research Departments & Organizations

Dermatology: SPORE in Skin Cancer

Gene Regulation and Functional Genomics

Yale Cancer Center: Genomics, Genetics, and Epigenetics

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Interests

Cell Proliferation; Dermatology; Gene Expression; Melanocytes; Melanoma; Signal Transduction

Research Summary

Dr. Halaban's research is focused on melanoma and the main interests are: 1) novel mutations that promote melanoma initiations and metastasis; 2) molecular mechanism that leads to melanoma resistance to therapy; 3) new targets for therapy; and 4) the application molecular diagnosis of melanoma in the clinic. Most recently Dr. Halaban has been engaged in sequencing the melanoma exome and transcriptome and relating the mutations to melanoma cell uncontrolled growth and drug response. These studies were facilitated by the Yale SPORE in Skin Cancer (YSPORE), a program funded over the past 12 years by the NCI/NIH (Halaban, PI). The Tissue Resource Core of the YSPORE, managed by Ms. Antonella Bacchiocchi, has accumulated a large collection of tumor tissues, PBL, serum/plasma, normal skin, and cultured normal melanocytes and melanoma cells. The Core routinely performs targeted sequencing of melanoma oncogenes and validation of exome-capture sequencing data, handled by Mr. Robert Straub. In addition, the Core records each patient detailed clinical information and treatment outcome. These resources are shared with investigators at Yale, other Skin Cancer SPOREs, nationally and around the world and have been the subject of multiple publications. The following list epresents Dr. Halaban’s publications in the field of melanocyte pigmentation, malignant transformation, cell proliferation, drug responses, mutations analysis, epigenetics, and others.

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Ruth Halaban, PhD
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DermatologyPO Box 208059
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