Michael Kashgarian, MD, FASN

Professor Emeritus of and Senior Research Scientist in Pathology

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Cells; Disorders of Environmental Origin; Epithelial Cells; Kidney; Kidney Glomerulus; Kidney Tubules; Lupus Nephritis; Mixed Connective Tissue Disease; Nephrons; Podocytes; Scleroderma, Systemic; Systemic Vasculitis

Extensive Research Description

Research in my laboratory was directed in three main investigative areas. We study the structural and functional characteristics of transporting epithelia, in particular the cellular mechanisms involved in adaptive changes in response to steroid hormones and changes in the external ionic milieu. The second area of investigation is of the mechanisms involved in the recovery from acute renal failure. These studies concentrate on the contribution of the cytoskeleton to the reorganization of the micro domain distribution of Na,K-ATPase as well as investigating the role of the synthesis and recycling of integral membrane proteins and the contribution of heat shock proteins in this process. Finally, we are also investigating the factors involved in the initiation and progression of glomerulus scarring by defining the pathogenetically relevant parameters of progressive glomerular injury.

My clinical research has focused on the immuopathology of lupus nephritis and in the pathogenesis of acute kidney injury. 

Renal Disease, renal transport and ischemia, heat shock proteins, diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephritis, acute kidney injury, Electron Microscopy of tumors; juvenile diabetes. Cellular disruption and restitution. Diabetes. 

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Michael Kashgarian, MD, FASN
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