Krysten Bold, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Research Departments & Organizations

Tobacco Research in Youth (TRY)

Yale Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science

Research Interests

Alcoholism; Mental Health; Psychiatry and Psychology; Risk Reduction Behavior; Smoking Cessation; Tobacco

Research Summary

There is a critical need to identify ways to enhance tobacco prevention and intervention efforts to improve public health. My program of research focuses on identifying risk factors for tobacco use utilizing complementary research methods such as novel experimental designs, innovative treatment approaches, and longitudinal survey studies to help address the problem of tobacco use. 

Specific research activities include: 

1) Investigating factors that are associated with the initiation and continued use of various tobacco products among youth to inform tobacco prevention and regulation efforts. 

2) Leveraging advances in technology to collect real-time data about smoking behavior through ecological momentary assessment and innovative wearable biosensors to inform tailored, dynamic intervention delivery. 

3) Expanding access to smoking cessation services through treatment implementation in specialized medical and community settings.

Selected Publications

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