John Concato, MD

Professor of Medicine (General Medicine); Director, Clinical Epidemiology Research Center, VA Connecticut HealthCare System

Research Departments & Organizations

Center for Medical Informatics

Internal Medicine

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Interests

Epidemiology; Internal Medicine; Prognosis; Research Design

Research Summary

As a general internist and clinical epidemiologist, Dr. Concato conducts research to address questions related to screening, prognosis, and treatment strategies, as well as to improve methods of study design and statistical analysis. This dual focus has involved a range of topics in both patient care and research methodology. Examples include evaluating the effectiveness of screening for prostate cancer, studies of prognosis in prostate cancer, comparing the results of observational studies and randomized trials, and clarifying the use of multivariable analysis in patient-oriented research. More recent (“center-based”) research includes projects in genomic medicine, as part of the VA Cooperative Studies Program and Genomic Medicine Program.

Specialized Terms: Screening, prognosis, and treatment strategies; improving methods of research design and statistical analysis

Selected Publications

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John Concato, MD
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VA Connecticut Healthcare
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West Haven, CT 06516
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