Jeanne Hendrickson, MD

Professor; Medical Director, Apheresis Service, Laboratory Medicine; Associate Director, Transfusion Medicine Service

Research Departments & Organizations

Laboratory Medicine: Blood Bank

Research Interests

Anemia, Sickle Cell; Blood Transfusion; Hematology; Immune Tolerance; Immunity, Humoral; Plasmapheresis; Pregnancy Complications, Hematologic

Research Summary

The Hendrickson laboratory primarily studies complications of transfusion therapy, including the development of immune responses to antigens expressed on transfused blood products. Millions of blood products are transfused annually, and immune responses to transfused red blood cells or platelets or white blood cells may complicate future transfusions, pregnancies, or organ transplantation. Factors influencing alloimmunization, including those on the donor and recipient sides of the equation, are studied in the Hendrickson laboratory. Environmental and genetic variables that impact the intersections of innate and adaptive immunity are also studied. Some studies involve reductionist models with expression of authentic human blood group antigens, whereas others are more translational/patient focused. In addition to developing strategies to prevent alloimmunization in a transfusion setting, the Hendrickson laboratory is also working to develop strategies to prevent alloimmunization or to mitigate the dangers of existing maternal alloantibodies in a pregnancy setting.

Extensive Research Description

Please pubmed search Hendrickson JE to see the range of topics the Hendrickson lab is interested in. In general, the lab is interested in investigating clinically relevant issues in transfusion medicine using basic science models and translational research tools.

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Jeanne Hendrickson, MD
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