Jason Crawford, PhD

Maxine F. Singer ’57 Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry and Associate Professor of Microbial Pathogenesis

Research Departments & Organizations

Microbial Pathogenesis

CPIRT - Pulmonary Infection Research and Treatment

Yale Cancer Center: Developmental Therapeutics

Yale Chemical Biology Institute

Research Interests

Bacteria; Chemistry; Host-Pathogen Interactions

Research Summary

The Crawford laboratory focuses on developing and systematically applying genome sequence-guided methods for the discovery of genetically encoded small molecules from mutualistic and pathogenic bacteria. High-throughput genome sequencing of bacteria has revealed many highly unusual “orphan” biosynthetic gene clusters suspected of synthesizing novel, structurally diverse, and biologically active small molecules. These types of naturally produced molecules often regulate complex interactions with their animal hosts, hold a rich history of being utilized as human drugs, and serve as excellent molecular probes for identifying new drug targets for a wide variety of diseases. Using a blend of small molecule chemistry, protein biochemistry, and microbiology, the lab exploits the natural interactions between bacteria and animals to discover new molecules with signaling, antimicrobial, immunosuppressant, and anticancer activities. The lab connects these small molecules to their underlying biosynthetic gene clusters and investigates their roles in biology and medicine.

Specialized Terms: Small molecule signaling; Antibiotic discovery & biosynthesis; Host-bacteria interactions; Bacterial secondary metabolism; Bacteria; Pathogen

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Jason Crawford, PhD
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