Edwin Thrower, PhD

Visiting Research Scientist in Medicine (Digestive Diseases)

Research Departments & Organizations

Internal Medicine: Yale Tissue Regeneration and Fibrosis Program

Research Interests

Acinar Cells; Digestive System Diseases; Pancreatitis; Protein Kinase C

Research Summary

My research focuses on premature activation of digestive zymogens within pancreatic acinar cells, a key event in the initiation of acute pancreatitis (AP). I am currently involved in three projects. The first focuses on protein kinase C (PKC) which has been shown to have multiple roles in the regulation of both physiology and pathophysiology of the pancreas. We have shown that both PKC € isoforms participate in premature zymogen activation in varying degrees and at differing cellular locations. We have further explored downstream targets of PKC including protein kinase D (PKD) and have recently published this work in American Journal of physiology: GI. I am also involved in a project focusing on the role of extracellular and intracellular pH and its function in pancreatitis responses. This study may have clinical implications with regards to the composition of resuscitation buffers used to treat this disease. My final project focuses on the role that the tobacco carcinogen NNK may play in the development of acute pancreatitis and is the first major study exploring a direct link between smoking and acute pancreatitis.

Extensive Research Description

1. Role of Protein Kinase D in acute pancreatitis

2. Tobacco carcinogens intiate and enhance pancreatitis responses

3. pH dynamics in acute pancreatitis

Selected Publications

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Edwin Thrower, PhD
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