Daming Zhang, MD, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor; Associate Professor, Neurosurgery; Visiting Assistant Professor, Section of Surgical Outcomes and Epidemiology

Research Departments & Organizations

Surgical Outcomes and Epidemiology (SOE)

Research Interests

Epidemiology; Epigenesis, Genetic; Glioma; Stroke

Research Summary

Dr. Zhang investigated the clinical and epidemiology characteristics of spontaneous renal rupture at his master's level. Dr. Zhang focused on the epigenetic study of cancer in his doctoral stage. He studied the role of non-coding microRNA in glioma stem cells. Also, Dr. Zhang participated in epigenetic studies of different cancer including renal cancer and bladder cancer. He participated in the research of feedback system control platform model for optimizing chemotherapeutic drug combinations for cancer. Dr. Zhang participated in the National Key Technology R&D Program “Development and application of the elderly stroke prevention and rehabilitation service system” in his later stage of the Ph.D. As a neurosurgeon, he is mainly involved in the design of business processes for medical service platforms and the implementation of projects. Dr. Zhang focused on the epigenetic study of stroke as his postdoctoral work.

Dr. Zhang established a clinical database of stroke as one of two main leaders since 2017. This database included more than 2,000 cases per year within a single center for the clinical outcome study. Dr. Zhang currently focused on surgical outcome research with neurosurgical diseases based on a nationwide clinical database in the section on surgical outcome.

Selected Publications

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Daming Zhang, MD, PhD
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