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COVID-19 & Temperature Dashboard


User can select months on which data needs to be observed starting January 2020-March 2020. The confirmed cases can be selected on scale of 1-100 cases. Case data is retrieved from John Hopkins COVID-19 data portal. Each coordinate temperature is recorded on a scale of -30-50 degree Celsius. The respective temperature information for each location was obtained from Raspisaniye Pogodi (RP) temperature channel, Petersburg, Russia having license for the activity in hydrometeorology and adjacent fields. The website provides six day temperature forecasts and information on the actual temperature, observed at ground stations where the forecasts are completely updated twice a day (05:30 and 17:30 UTC). The bubble size cane be selected on three parameters, number of confirmed cases, number of deaths on previously confirmed cases and number of recovered on previously confirmed cases. The bubble size can be adjusted with a sidebar ranging sizes 2-10.

Questions Answered

This portal can answer trends in confirmed, recovered and deaths from COVID-19 around the globe and their relationship with location temperature. Users can see interesting patterns of changes in temperature and changes in COVID-19 cases (confirmed, recovered and deaths) for the selected months dataset. The current data source is limited to three months and will be updated at each month end. Future development: Validating case and temperature data for April-present date is in progress and would be incorporated in the portal after thorough validations.


This dashboard was developed as a part of Research, Clinical & Data Driven Responses to COVID-19 at Yale University and questions can be directed to Shrikant Pawar at The dashboard is part of study by authors for project: shrikant pawar, Aditya Stanam, Mamata Chaudhari, Durga Rayudu.

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