Chiang-Shan Ray Li, MD, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and of Neuroscience

Research Departments & Organizations

Psychiatry: Connecticut Mental Health Center | Neuroscience Research Training Program (NRTP) | Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Research Clinic

Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Interests

Alcohols; Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms; Behavior Control; Biological Therapy; Central Nervous System; Chemicals and Drugs; Drug Users; Mental Disorders; Nervous System; Nervous System Diseases; Psychiatry and Psychology; Psychological Phenomena; Research Subjects; Therapeutics

Research Summary

Our research focuses on combining psychophysics, neural imaging, and computation to understand how brain works at the systems level. In particular, we are interested in the neural processes of cognitive control and how deficits in these processes may contribute to the pathogenesis of substance use disorders and other psychiatric and neurological conditions. Our research also examines the neurochemical basis of cognition. We employ pharmacological manipulation and resting state as well task-based brain imaging to examine the catecholaminergic and cholinergic circuits of importance to neuropsychiatric illnesses. We collaborate widely with investigators in basic and clinical neuroscience on and off campus.

Specialized Terms: Systems neuroscience; Psychophysics; Neural imaging; Cognitive control; Addiction; Psychostimulant; Alcohol; Anxiety disorders

Clinical Trials

Conditions Study Title
Alcohol Addiction Sleep Intervention for Heavy Drinking Young Adults
Diseases of the Nervous System, Mental Health & Behavioral Research Biomarkers of Clinical Subtype and Treatment Response in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Selected Publications

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